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Twin Stuppa

Having completed the double-glazing of the new school building and the fitting out of the old teachers accommodation as a telecommunications room (as yet unused due to the lack of electricity in the village) , the group set out on an adventurous trek to the Gokyo Valley which culminated in the successful summating of Gokyo Ri (5400 meters) in time to see the sunrise over Everest. It sounds very cliched but it was a truly and memorable experience, it feels good to say I’ve been there. On our return we tidied up a few loose ends and handed over the use and repair of the buildings to the village committees that would oversee what happened to them.

Panuru's Family

The trek back to Kathmandu was begun with a lovely ceremony performed by Panuru’s wife Pasang Dikki Sherpa as she gave us all beautiful golden silk scarves and then bid us farewell and a safe journey. We were sad to be leaving what had become our home for the last few weeks but pleased that we had managed to achieve so much in our stay in Phortse. The trip back would have highlights as well as sadness, as we were travelling by a different route and there would be the opportunity to see the ancient monastery at Tengboche.


The scenery on the journey to Tengboche is truly spectacular with views of towering mountains and ice-blue rushing rivers several hundreds of feet of below. The trails wind around the mountains and are often no more than a couple of feet of wide. The monastery village of Tengboche afforded us the awe-inspiring sight of the bulk of Everest side by side with Ama Dablam. Everest is so close it feels as if you could simply reach out and touch it.

The next day’s trek was back to Namche Bazar where we had stayed at the beginning of our adventure. We were able to indulge in baked bread for the first time in 3 weeks and we utilised the opportunity to log in at the world ’s highest Internet café and send messages home. For some there was also the first taste of yak meat - until then we had simply shooed them off the paths, this time we got our own back!!


From Namche to Lukla was the probably the saddest part of the trek for all of us - we were retracing our steps and we were getting closer to going home - our adventure of a lifetime was drawing to a close. The trek was a very long day and we all arrived in Lukla dispirited and downhearted.

We faced the rather tricky proposition the next day of actually boarding the ‘plane. There had been a couple of cancellations and some people we met at the airport had been waiting a couple of days to get a seat on the plane and believe me, Lukla is not a place you’d want to hang around in by choice! Luckily (?) we made it onto the plane to Kathmandu relatively early in the day and were in our designated hotel by lunchtime. The sights, smells and atmosphere of Kathmandu did much to lift our somewhat sagging spirits.

Adele Wright

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