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hh99-ih003 The Himalayas come into view as the plane nears our destination
hh99-ih005 Arrival at Kathmandu Airport into the hustle and bustle of city life
hh99-ih011 Garlands of flowers are presented at the airport as we gather and await further arrival of people
hh99-ih012 Garlands of flowers are presented at the airport as we gather and await further arrival of people
hh99-027 We set off early one morning from the Lions eye care centre for Kathmandu Airport.
hh99-045 The scary landing that is Lukla Airport.
hh99-108 Mani Prayer Stones.
hh99-127 Yak at Namche Bazar.
hh99-143 Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam on the approach to the Everest View Hotel.
hh99-175 Steep cliff path enroute to the Mong La
hh99-186 View of Phortse from the Mong La (It's the flat brown bit on side of the hill on the left).
hh99-191 Phortse Village taken from the Mong La.
hh99-197 Wall of Mani Stones at Phortse Tenga.
hh99-205 The view from Panuru's back door taken at night.
hh99-207 The new school in Phortse.
hh99-220 Meeting with the Village Committee. We were given presents of silk scarves by every child in the school in a lovely ceremony. Here we are discussing the plans for the project whilst drinking tea given to us by the committee.
hh99-224 2 Members of the village committee.
hh99-228 The old School and the playground.
hh99-239 Handing out pens and pencils to the children of the school. Basic supplies of materials are difficult and expensive to get hold of.
hh99-252 The School complex as seen from above. Top left is the new school, bottom left is the teachers accommodation, next to this is the health centre and the final long building is the old school.
hh99-265 Stood like statues we rested on the way down to the school carrying wood from the store in the Gompa.
hh99-374 Adele looking up towards Gokyo Ri.
hh99-376 Arrival at the summit of Gokyo Ri in semi darkness.
hh99-385 First light touches Cho Yho.
hh99-390 Sunrise over Everest. Actually everest is a 3rd in from the right, looking, as it should, like the highest mountain in the world.
hh99-392 Dawn spreads across the summit of Gokyo Ri.
hh99-395 Zena and Panuru climb to the glacier wall.
hh99-431 The view from Panuru's back door looking down the valley from Phortse.
hh99-441 Group Photo on completion of the project work.
hh99-475 The twin Stuppa at the bottom of the village.
hh99-509 Sun behind a stuppa.
hh99-516 Tenboche under the shadow of the Mighty Ama Dablam.
hh99-565 A holy man back in Kathmandu.
hh99-579 The Bodhnath temple in Kathmandu.
hh99-622 Evening light at the ECCA centre. (Helen Simpson and Jason Groombridge).
hh99-628 On the roof of the ECCA centre. Anthea, Jason & Helen.
hh99-640 Hindu Temple.
hh99-653 Prayer Wheels at Swayambhunath.
hh99-660 Prayer Flags at Swayambhunath.

Plus many, many more to come.....

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